This – the name speaks for itself.

This AG was founded in 2014. This start-up high-tech company is formed of proven experts who have significant knowledge and practical experience in industrial medical R&D and production. The name This stands for “Think in System” and reflects our mindset and the way we design and produce ophthalmic systems: systematically, logically and holistically.

Systematic thinking is not restricted to technology

When we at This speak of thinking in systems we not only refer to the system of the device but also to everyone working with that device in the field. Learning from surgeons and surgical teams, our engineers, customer service and sales teams have the ambition to know and understand each work process around our device in detail which enables them to drive innovation and optimization forward.

This AG is not only responsible for the design but also for the manufacture, the license and the sale to local distributors worldwide. As an end-user you can profit from a knowledgeable distributor near you.

Three words - one brand

The brand Sophi is made up of three words which get to the heart of our high ambition with regards to quality and innovation: swiss ophthalmology innovation. Sophi is an entire new design with numerous ideas and solutions which are unique in their implementation and combination. With This AG we generated a platform to realize new revolutionary ideas.