Sophi's technical data

Phacoemulsification Handpiece type Piezoelectric
Application part BF
Frequency 38 .. 41 kHz
Signal form Sine wave
Power 25 W ± 5 W at 1100 Ω and 100 % performance
Stroke 0 .. 90 µm by ± 20 %
Modulation Continuous, pulse, burst
Irrigation Gravity Automatic infusion pole
Active infusion With separate peristaltic pump (IOP Control Pump)
Aspiration Peristaltic Flow 0 .. 60 ml/min
Vacuum 0 .. 650 mmHg
Clean Venturi Vacuum and patient-fluids are separated by a foil to avoid contamination
Vacuum 0 .. 650 mmHg, variable rise time: 0 .. 10 s
Reflux 15 ml/min
Diathermy Type Bipolar coagulation
Handpiece type Bipolar forceps, bipolar pencil
Application part BF
Frequency 500 kHz
Power Continuous 0 .. 10 W at 50 Ω
Modulation Pulse 3 ms; pause 30 ms
Vitrectomy Handpiece type Guillotine cutter
Cutting rate 10 .. 2'000 cuts/min
Cutting mode Linear proportional, fixed
Compressor Integrated compressor (external compressor optional)
Pressure 25 PSI (1.7 bar)
Foot pedal Type Wireless, dual linear, heel pressure (reflux)
4 rocker switches (up/down)
Easy Move Switch between gliding / fixation
Illumination When Easy Move is activated
Battery Fully charged battery lasts for up to 50 surgeries
Inductive charging station on the device
Status display Traffic light system displays charging status and errors
Wireless standard Bluetooth LE
Cable link CAN-Bus
Dimension Device 59 x 49 x 164 cm (w/o tray)
Weight 70 kg (w/o battery)
Battery weight 4,7 kg (2 batteries required)
Pedal weight 5.0 kg
Graphical user interface Screen size 19 ", TFT, IPS, LED Backlight
Languages English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español
Max. no. of surgeons 50
Max. no. of surgery settings 150
Electrical specifications Frequency 50 .. 60 Hz
Supply voltage 100 .. 240VAC
Power consumption Max. 250 VA (w/o battery charge); max. 500 VA (with battery charge)
Fuse 2 pieces 8A, 250 V
Duty time Continuous operation - with power supply cable
Fully charged battery lasts for up to 20 surgeries
External air supply Optional 4 .. 10 bar, 10 l/min, oil free

This - Think in System.

This AG was founded in 2014 as a start-up high-tech company comprising proven experts who have significant knowledge and practical experience in industrial medical R&D and production. The name "This" stands for “Think in System” and reflects both our mindset and the way we design and produce ophthalmic systems: systematically, logically and holistically.