This is Swiss quality.

We at This AG take special care to ensure that we always have the whole system under control. Wherever possible we achieve this either by developing the system critical components ourselves or by coordinating their development. We pay special attention to gentle and safe treatment methods for the patient and to ergonomic and optimized processes for the surgeon and the entire medical team. The focus of product development is on mobility, simplicity and safety for everyone involved with the product.

A complex and yet indispensable component of This AG is the quality management system. Since December 2018 This AG is EN ISO 13485:2016 certified for the design, the production, the distribution and the service of medical devices for ophthalmic surgery. The implementation of these normative and our own high-quality standards generates added value for patients, users and for our products too.

Sophi Academy

Our Sophi Academy Center opened its door in Spring 2019 and is located just next to the headquarter of This AG.
The fully equipped and modern room is a perfect addition to the service provided by Sophi's team to distribution partners, surgeons and staff members.