The secret of Sophi is designing complexity simply.

The surgical team should be able to focus entirely on the surgery. Sophi assists you to do just this. Modern assistance systems and clever control elements create a simple surgery process.
Sophi can be parametrized intuitively, assists you with intelligent sensor technology, and automatically adjusts parameters in critical situations.

LED Mode Indication

Sophi communicates with you and delivers to the assistant and the surgeon the exact information needed before, during and after surgery. Therefore, each team member can focus fully on his/her tasks.

The assistant receives important parameters in a clear and simple format on the display. The surgeon can see Sophi’s current mode at a glance, thanks to the LED Mode Indication.

Voice Information Assistance

You can also use the voice module to have your settings read out loud. Thanks to Text2Speech, even in your own words.

Charge indicator with light projection

Various other important items of information are shown on the foot pedal’s LED display and with color-changing light projection on the floor. A quick glance is enough to know whether Sophi is still charging, or whether the wireless comfort can be used again.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

The Intuitive Graphical User Interface shown on the high-resolution 19-inch display enables clear and simple handling.

Multi-Surgeons Settings

The Multi-Surgeons Settings offer individual and easily programmable parameters that are adaptable to the requirements of each surgeon and surgery. Up to 50 surgeons can be logged and password-protected.

Dual Linear Wireless Foot Pedal

Sophi is activated and controlled by the foot pedal. All control functions are arranged ergonomically and within easy reach. You will also find a position for foot relaxation.

Explore Sophi's safety features

The most efficient way to make a system safe is to eliminate uncertainty systematically. This is exactly what we have done with Sophi. We have reviewed the entire process chain and developed an integrated safety system that complies with the highest standards with regard to process stability, precision and hygiene.