We packed a lot of safety into a sophisticated system.

The most efficient way to make a system safe is to eliminate uncertainty systematically. This is exactly what we have done with Sophi. We have reviewed the entire process chain and developed an integrated safety system that complies with the highest standards with regard to process stability, precision and hygiene.

Triple Pump Fluidics

When it comes to the pumping system, Sophi is impressively innovative. Sophi controls fluidics with three perfectly aligned pumping systems.

IOP Control Pump

In addition to the gravity infusion, Sophi also comes with an optional active IOP Control Pump. Thanks to this additional peristaltic pump, Sophi controls both the flow and pressure of irrigation. As the device is not only aware of the pressure and flow, but also of the tubing system and instruments, the infusion pressure at the instrument tip remains stable in the anterior chamber of the eye. Thanks to the rapid response time Sophi can also be operated in the Occlusion Mode.

Peristaltic Pump

With the peristaltic pump, the surgeon can control the flow and vacuum selectively. The concept of the pump design focuses not only on performance, but especially on stability, given that the essential element of a Phaco-System is chamber stability after breaking the occlusion.

Clean Venturi Pump

The Clean Venturi Pump is a real world first. The unique feature is a sealing foil which is part of the cassette and prevents contamination of the device and hospital air with the patient’s eye fluids. Thanks to this innovative solution, Sophi’s Clean Venturi is not only very hygienic, but also very fast and safe.
A further benefit is that Sophi needs significantly less power to create the desired vacuum. This benefit enables the integration of the air compressor into the device.

Cassette system

Sophi is equipped with an automatic Cassette Slot- In-System which eases handling during surgery preparation, and prevents the assistant from being contaminated by the non-sterile device while inserting the sterile cassette.

Sophi’s cassette system has even more benefits. For example, Sophi automatically recognizes the transition between air and infusion liquids within the cassette, which considerably  reduces the Prime-Time.

By way of a 2D-Code Sophi can detect whether the cassette is sterile and ready for use.

Efficient Sinus Phaco

Power loss in a Phaco handpiece can result in an increased temperature of the infusion liquid. To avoid this, Sophi works with a system which requires significantly less energy, hence releasing less heat. This is made possible by an efficient sinus control, which requires less energy to generate the same power amplitude, compared to other solutions. This results in improved safety for the eye and also has a positive effect on the handpiece lifespan.

Infusion Level Guard

For monitoring purposes and to take pressure off the surgical team, Sophi has an Infusion Level Guard, which automatically and continually measures the liquid level of the infusion bottle or infusion bag, and which alerts the user in good time to change the infusion. This Infusion Level Guard works independently and with both glass or synthetic containers.

Efficiency Principles

The term “Lean Production” gained significant commercial importance in the mid-eighties. The core objective of “Lean Production” – also known as “integrated socio-technical system” – is the elimination of waste. This is the philosophy behind Sophi’s design.