Efficiency at the highest level.

The term “Lean Production” gained significant commercial importance in the mid-eighties. The core objective of “Lean Production” – also known as “integrated socio-technical system” – is the elimination of waste. This is the philosophy behind Sophi’s design.

Our Principles for more efficiency

  • no time wasted by bulky control elements
  • no time wasted by unnecessary processes and waiting times
  • no time or storage space wasted during transportation
  • no time wasted by errors or incorrect handling
  • no time wasted by misleading or incomplete information
  • no wasting of materials
  • no wasting of energy

A consistent implementation of these principles yields not only economic benefits, but also contributes to quality improvement and energy savings. Your energy and that of the whole surgical team! With Sophi the “lean thought” was consistently implemented and reflects in the 3-Pillar-Concept:
Mobility – Simplicity – Safety